Bit rate setting problem!

Aditya S Chikodi adityasc at
Thu May 22 12:09:43 EDT 2003

Hi all,

We have been using hostap driver for sometime now to realize a functional
access point using Prism 2/2.5 based PCMCIA cards and PCI cards. The AP also
has a ethernet port. We have test setups wherein a bridge is created between
the ethernet port and the wireless lan interface. We noticed that ceration
of bridge between ethernet and PCMCIA based WLAN card led to change in the
basic rate of the WLAN interface to 1Mbs from 11Mbs. But the bit rate for a
PCI based WLAN card did not change even after adding it to the bridge.

Can somebody help explain the probable reason for this kind of behaviou?

Thank in advance


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