Hostap 0.0.2 -> 0.0.3 make install problem

insecure insecure at
Wed May 21 15:22:29 EDT 2003

>	* simplified build process for Linux 2.4.x and Linux 2.5.x:
>	  'make' and 'make install' (as root) can be used to build and install
>	  modules for all support hardware versions

# make
# make install
cp -f driver/modules/hostap_cs.o /lib/modules/2.4.20/pcmcia
/sbin/depmod -ae
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.20/pcmcia/hostap_cs.o
depmod:         hostap_set_multicast_list_queue
depmod:         hostap_update_sta_ps
depmod:         hostap_handle_sta_release

Hmm... my .config says "use versioned symbols":

# Loadable module support

And indeed, there is no plain "hostap_set_multicast_list_queue" but:

# nm hostap.o | grep hostap_set_multicast_list_queue
0000cc4c T hostap_set_multicast_list_queue_Rsmp_c089a779
00000740 R __kstrtab_hostap_set_multicast_list_queue_Rsmp_c089a779
00000120 R __ksymtab_hostap_set_multicast_list_queue_Rsmp_c089a779

hostap_cs.o shows a mix of versioned and non-versioned external references:

# nm hostap_cs.o | grep ' U '
         U add_timer_Rsmp_a19eacf8
         U add_wait_queue_Rsmp_b36b339f
         U alloc_skb_Rsmp_573e94cf
         U CardServices_Rsmp_e4eef0a4
         U __const_udelay_Rsmp_eae3dfd6
         U cpu_raise_softirq_Rsmp_d01f3ee8
         U create_proc_entry_Rsmp_726f3157
         U del_timer_Rsmp_fc62f16d
         U dev_queue_xmit_Rsmp_a21e7ec0
         U disable_irq_Rsmp_3ce4ca6f
         U do_softirq_Rsmp_f0a529b7
         U __down_failed_interruptible
         U enable_irq_Rsmp_fcec0987
         U eth_type_trans_Rsmp_bbf62dba
         U hostap_80211_get_hdrlen
         U hostap_add_wds_link
         U hostap_check_sta_fw_version
         U hostap_dump_rx_header
         U hostap_dump_tx_header
         U hostap_free_data
         U hostap_get_porttype
         U hostap_get_stats
         U hostap_handle_sta_crypto
         U hostap_handle_sta_release
         U hostap_handle_sta_rx

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