Question about multiple AP networks

Lucas Cornelisse lcornelisse at
Tue May 20 19:23:31 EDT 2003

Hi, I've got a hypothetical question that's keeping us all awake at night up
here.. It's probably a no-brainer for you people though..

Say I've got a laptop (fred) running HostAP[d], and say a PDA and another
laptop (toby and bob).

Say fred, toby, and bob are all on my wireless network, with my own wep
keys, and an SSID of FRED-NET, and private addresses. With fred doing dhcp
and nat..

Now, I need to take my hostap box fred, and bring him into a starbucks, and
have fred connect separately
to starbuck's network, say with no wep and an SSID of STARBUCKS. Now fred
will be the gateway to the internet
for the computers on my little FRED-NET?

My question isn't exactly can "hostap[d]" do this, but more like, is this

After examining the code, it looks to me like the prism can be in only one
of three modes, AP, BSS, or IBSS.

It seems to me a card can do BSS and IBSS at the same time, can it do AP at
the same time? Specifically,
AP mode with different wireless networks? In the above example, FRED-NET and

Is this what WDS is all about? Is WDS necessary for this?

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

Lucas Cornelisse

Software Developer
Simmic.Net Inc.
lcornelisse at
(613) 599-9108 x232

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