Stable but slower (was: new release v0.0.3)

Santiago Garcia Mantinan hostap at
Tue May 20 18:07:32 EDT 2003


I've been testing the new version on all the diferent machines I have and it
seems stable on all of then, however, I have experienced some speed

I'll explain myself, my AP is a P100 and the tests I do are with just one
client downloading a linux kernel via http, in the past I've seen my wget
show speeds up to 560KB/s, while with 0.0.3 I've seen 500KB/s the most,
never over that, in case I could be having signal problems I even went
upstears to the AP to have a better signal, nothing, just the 500KB/s.

I guess that the driver is slower on reaction now and that is why the speed
is slower, but I don't have any means to check this, this is just what I
think, and is based just on my measurements.

The only other weird thing I have found are messages like this:

wlan0: TXEXC - status=0x0004 ([Discon]) tx_control=000c
   retry_count=0 tx_rate=110 fc=0x0308 (Data::0 ToDS FromDS)
   A1=00:50:c2:10:90:b3 A2=00:90:d1:01:4b:f1 A3=00:50:c2:10:90:b3

This messages are seing when having a client (00:50:c2:10:92:6a) connected
to an AP (00:90:d1:01:4b:f1) that is connected via WDS to another AP
(00:50:c2:10:90:b3), the client is accessing the network that is connected
to the wired port of 00:50:c2:10:90:b3 and this are seen on the other AP

I don't know if this messages are normal or not, I'm just reporting them
because of my curiosity (I don't know what they mean) and in case they mean
that something is wrong there, it doesn't seem dangerous and both the APs
and the client behave normally.

Well, guess that is all, I'm a little worried about this speed reduction and
wonder if I could help testing or something so that we can gain back the
speed we've lost.

Manty/BestiaTester ->

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