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Tue May 20 01:03:51 EDT 2003

On Mon, 19 May 2003, [iso-8859-1] Johanna GЭlly wrote:

> hey all together
> Where do I get the SNR? Are there any parameters which show me the SNR?

Not sure I understand that TLA :-)

But if you want signal to noise ratio, it's easier to do on the station
side.  Just run "iwconfig", and you'll find "Signal level" and "Noise

If you want to do it on the AP side, check /proc/net/hostap/wlanX/MAC,
where wlanX in the interface used by hostap and MAC is the MAC address of
the associated station.  You'll find a string beginning with "last_rx", 
for example:

last_rx: silence=0 signal=87 rate=110 flow=0

Not sure you can get the noise level from that, but at least you have the 
signal level for the last received packet.

You may want to experiment with iwspy that is supposed to facilitate
monitoring of link quality, but it's a new functionality and I haven't
tried it myself.

Pavel Roskin

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