Success story 1-3

Raffaele Raf raffaele1963 at
Tue May 20 00:25:53 EDT 2003

Success story 3

Unfortunately, it did not work for me, but it was not
I posted the information above on the Hostap list, and
I was very 
pleased to hear that it helped someone.
In particular Pavel Roskin gave me the right input
suggesting to
visit <>  and download
the latest release of the flash.exe program.

Keep always clear in mind that when you get a new
the first things to do are:

1) Backup the cis using flash.exe -legacy  -3(or 5)v
-cd file.cis
2) Backup the pda using Winupdate from Intersil
   o/PrismTestUtil322.exe)   using the function
"Export Pda".
3) Backup the whole firmware image using Winupdate
using the function  
   "Export Entire Firmware Image".
   If you break the card WITHOUT backing it up before
programming it,
   you can dump the files above from an identical good
card and use 
   them. The only thing to change is the mac address
into the pda 
   file. You can usually read it from a label on the
card itself.

SRAM story.

   While I was still sad for the pcmcia cards dead, I
   another trouble. The destiny made me find a
Centennial SRAM 2MB 5
   volts pcmcia card. I downloaded a 2MB openap image
from, and
tried to 
   write it into the sram card using the dd command
under Linux.
   Unfortunately, I used the wrong device, and the
result was that I 
   erased the CIS into the sram card. But I did not
understand this.
   I wrote the openap image into the sram, but if I
ejected it, after 
   reloading the sram its content was different from
the source.
   I stopped using linux, and downloaded the Memory
Card Explorer
   Demo working under Windows:
   Same results, the card was not recognized properly
and did not
   keep the programming.

   To make the picture even darker, in the mean time I
had killed
   2 more cards, including a USRobotics 2445 card
(coming from the
   USR 2450 AP).

   After a deep meditation session, I started to make
any kind of
   tests, and these are the results:
   I figured out that though the sram card was not
working, I could
   still read the cis using flash.exe. I dumped it
into a file, 
   and wrote the cis back into the sram with linux
using the
   information I found: dd if=filename.cis  
   I ran again the Memory Card Explorer and this time
all worked!!!
   The card was now recognized properly and kept the
   I was ready to re-program the access point.

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