Success story 1-3

Raffaele Raf raffaele1963 at
Tue May 20 00:16:06 EDT 2003

Success story 1

The main characters:

Hostap, Openap, Prism 2 pcmcia cards, 1 USRobotics
2450 Access Point,
1 Centennial SRAM 2MB 5 volts pcmcia card, and a
sleepless mind.

All began with a journey on the Internet. 
I found some info about the Openap project, but it was
too complex for me, and at that time I had no interest
the wireless world.

Some time later, a friend of mine asked me to
a couple of Intel Pro/Wireless 2011b Access Points,
the only to my knowledge capable of providing both
bridging and access point services at the same time.

It was a nightmare, also because those devices were
by Symbol, and the documentation on the configuration
file uploadable 
into the devices taken from the Intel site was full of

But I am a bonehead, and after some sleepless nights,
I could understand the logic and make it happen,
also to Symbol's very accurate documentation.

There were however some big issues:

1) The price: about $500 per unit.
2) Intel is dropping the product, and the Symbol
equivalent is even     
   more expensive.

So Openap came back up into my mind.
I knew linux enough to accept the challenge, so I
to collect information.

I borrowed a Prism 2 card from a friend of mine and
to play. Luckily (or unfortunately), the first issue
became clear in my mind was that it was necessary to
the firmware into the card in order to make it
with the access point mode managed by Hostap/Openap.

Guess what, I killed the card right away.
This stopped my fight. I cut the cover of the pcmcia
card in the desperate attempt to find a reset jumper,
but as most of you know, if was perfectly useless.
I saved the card, though a part of me was suggesting
to throw it away, and picked up the phone to apologize
with my friend for the death of his card.

After roughly 1 month, during a trip on the net, I 
landed on the Hostap Mail list, and was very pleased
hear about a "genesis mode" that could bring my card
back to life. It was existing, but who knew enough
about it, did
not explain exactly how to use it, also because it
the utilization of hardware procedures dangerous for
the card and for the pc hosting the card.

So I jumped on top of my mouse and started to surf
My lucky star kissed me on my eyes, since after a very
short time, I found the info I needed at the following

and the information was:

Yahoo! Mail: 6MB di spazio gratuito, 30MB per i tuoi allegati, l'antivirus, il filtro Anti-spam

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