SegFault when i load hostap_plx.o

Jerry mrcool at
Mon May 19 14:08:43 EDT 2003

using Wisp 2588 i get a Seg Fault upon loading the hostap_plx driver that i
compiled to use.   the deps (hostap.o, hostap_crypt.o, and
hostap_crypt_wep.o) load fine.  If i use a pcmcia adapter, i get the same
Seg Fault when i load a hostap_cs.o driver that i compile.  Attached is the
dmesg output after the seg fault.  This is using the 0.0.3 drivers, but i
have tried 0.0.2, and several days of last weeks CVS, they ALL segfaulted...

card is a wpc11. p100, elan pci/pcmcia adapter, or Linksys PLX adapter.
wisp 2258 (2.4.20 kernel).
Is there any more info i could add to help in figuring this out?

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