hostap is not working properly

Denis Vlasenko vda at
Mon May 19 02:31:32 EDT 2003

On 10 May 2003 23:29, heberto at wrote:
> Hi can someone explain why is that hostap is not sending all the
> information that dhcpd is telling the interface wlan0, where hostap
> 'is running', to send? On my clients I am only receiving the dynamic
> IP but not the domain servers, the broadcast address, the subnet mask
> neither the domain name. I know that is serving the IP because I have
> changed the range of IP to serve (to one that has void intersection
> with the one previously used) and in the /var/log/messages it detects
> the client trying to get the old IP and it replys with a bad network
> and then it gives the new IP.
> In fact the order of commands are:
> DHCPREQUEST for <old IP address> .... wrong network

DHCP is terminally broken in this 'give me old address'
thing. Your IP either static or dynamic. Oh well...

> DHCPOFFER ... (the name of the client laptop)
> DHCPREQUEST for <new IP address> ....
> DHCPREQUEST for <new IP address> ....
> and then it stops no more packets. I can ping to <new IP address> fro
> the server and I can pint to the server from the  client, but I
> cannot use a browser check email etc. I can do ssh to the server
> using the IP address of the server...

tcpdump is your friend. Try www/email + watch tcpdump

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