question about irq

Youngkyu Choi ykchoi at
Sun May 18 02:28:11 EDT 2003

Hi, all. 
It's so beautiful sunday afternoon, but i'm sad.

i use kernel with kernel version, 2.4.20, and hostap.0.0.1.
i have a problem, irq collision.
it seemed hostap request irq number 3 at card insertion time.
however, the log, /var/log/messages, said that irq requested was already used.
In addition to this, /proc/interrupts said irq 3 was used by "usb-uhci, PCI device 104c:ac56 (Texas Instruments)".
But in another linux machine with same kernel, "usb-uhci, PCI device 104c:ac56 (Texas Instruments)" was in irq 11.
It seemed it resulted from the difference of PCI hardware.

Then is it right i should move the irq of hostap(or Yenta socket) to clean one?
If doing so is right, how can i deliever the proper one as a parameter to hostap(or pcmcia service)?

FYI, I had tried adding the "irq_list=5,7" to PCIC_OPT of the pcmcia script(/etc/sysconfig/pcmcia).
But it had no effect. :(

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