unresolved symbols in cvs build

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at cc.hut.fi
Sun May 18 00:08:34 EDT 2003

On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 05:52:35PM -0400, Doug Yeager wrote:

> Anybody get this when installing the cvs:
> I have a pretty standard 2.3.18 install

I assume you mean 2.4.18.. However, I would not call it standard, if it
results in following errors:

> depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
> /lib/modules/2.4.18-3custom/net/hostap.o
> depmod:         iw_handler_set_thrspy
> depmod:         iw_handler_get_thrspy
> depmod:         iw_handler_get_spy
> depmod:         iw_handler_set_spy
> depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
> /lib/modules/2.4.18-3custom/pcmcia/hostap_cs.o
> depmod:         wireless_spy_update
> make: *** [install_pccard] Error 1

These are new functions used in wireless extensions versions 16 and
later. Linux 2.4.18 does not include those and Host AP driver should not
call them when compiled with header files from the kernel release. It
looks like your linux/wireless.h is claiming wireless extensions version
later than 15, but rest of your kernel does not include matching

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