card hangs, not system

Santiago Garcia Mantinan hostap at
Fri May 16 15:22:43 EDT 2003

> Do you run any monitoring software that is displaying update wireless
> interface statistics etc. periodically? RID FDC6 is read only for couple

It could be wavemon. In fact I was testing same card in a fast machine
(PIIIM 1GHz) with a lot of errors going on because of wavemon being run, I
stopped it and got 4 hours of clean run. I think it is good to know this can
happen, no wavemon running from now on ;-)

> Could you please re-test this with BAP busy timeout set to some insanely
> large value? To do this, change following line in hostap_hw.c:

I'm testing this now, so far 7 gigs received without any message.

We'll see hot it continues, I plan on leaving it all this night downloading
at 11Mbps.

How could I do to help getting a good value for this seting?
or is the one second setting not that bad?

Manty/BestiaTester ->

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