Senao ext 2 card test against wmp11 showed no difference

Doug Yeager doug at
Thu May 15 14:50:11 EDT 2003

I tested one of my senao 200 mw cards range performace against an older
wmp11 pci carrd
Both on 2.18.3
Senao 200mw ext card w/ 5dbi rubber duck antenna
Wmp11 30mw  pci w/ rubber duck antenna
Both had identical characteristics w/ performance.
I have not flashed the hardware on the senao,  it has 1.4.9 firmware
I have upgraded the wmp11 firmware to 1.4.9 
Has anybody else heard of this or had this happen?  I followed an
earlier post about something like this, but I've never changed the
firmware on my card, so it doesn't apply to this situation.
Would using the secondary antenna jack at the same time help?
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