debian 2.4.20-1-386 crashes on WMP11 hostap_pci

Stephen Khor stefuss at
Wed May 14 14:11:13 EDT 2003


HAs anybody seen this problem before ?

The  hostap_pci driver seems to hand my linux box with
a Linksys WMP11 PCI-based prism2 card on a pentium 90

I am using the latest debian unstable kernel
2.4.20-1-386 image. I compiled the hostap-sources both
from the latest debian source package as well as from
the latest cvs snapshot. In both cases I get the same

The modules build without complaints and install
seemingly properly.

I can load hostap_crypt.o and hostap.o without

BUt The linux box comes to a complete freeze when I
try to modprobe the pci-specific hostap_pci.o ... ???
The only thing I get in console messages  before the
freeze is that It says it:

 detected a Prism2.5 card wlan0 on Irq12 at PCI
address 00.0a

 ... and then nothing. ... complete freeze including
numlock and Kb and TCP stack.

I know that my linksys WMP11 card 's hardware works ,
and that I have no PCI conflicts , because I can use
this  card with the linux-wlan-ng drivers ,  also
installed on the system.

In fact , with linux-wlan-ng and  kismet I can scan my
other (laptop) system's DWL-650 card 's presence from
this box and establish ad-Hoc connection..

Any help would be appreciated .

I have no idea what firmware the card is running. Is
there any way I can get some linux util to show me the
firmware version on a WMP11 card ?

Is there any way to debug this driver while modprobe
tries to install it that woudl dump to screen before
syslog ? Syslog doesn't show anything because system
hangs first.

-Stephen Khor

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