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Rob O'Connor renegade405 at
Wed May 14 15:06:51 EDT 2003

I am reposting this since I’ve had little luck in the way of trying to
setup a configuration in which I can route packets from a wireless
laptop to my wired network and out to the internet. I have tried
bridging the connection and that will allow my laptop (wireless node) to
see my internal network but not access the outside world. I would like
to perform some sort of routing or even nat in this situation. I have
the nat rules setup but my laptop cannot even ping the wireless
interface of my linux box
 here is the setup:
Linux box (lfs/linuxfromscratch)
Kernel 2.4.19
linksys pci wireless card (prism2.5)
running a dhcp server on wlan0
eth0 is connected to the router and the box can ping the outside world.
(eth0: netmask
wlan0 ( netmask: running in Master mode)
Orinoco minipci wireless card
Windows 2000
Ipconfig shows that it has paired up with the AP and has received an ip
( netmask
It has been given the default gateway from the dhcp configuration as (my router)
The router also functions as the DNS and is listed accordingly.
Ipconfig also shows as the interface for the access point.
I cannot ping the laptop from any machine. The laptop cannot ping any
machine either.
(not even the wlan0 interface which it has definitely been communicating
The basic goal is to get the laptop functioning like any other
workstation in the wired network
 but I am stumped
As far as being unable to ping the wireless interface
 I am pretty sure
I could figure out how to get the routing setup
>From there
 if you have any ideas I would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance,
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