wds & external antennae

Jon Burford jj at mentaloaf.com
Wed May 14 02:33:17 EDT 2003

Let me preface this post by giving my sincerest appreciation for 
everyone's effort on this project.  One of the smoothest and most 
applicable open source offerings I have used.  I have two categories of 

1) I would like to detect other aps with my ssid when they come up, 
without autom_ap_wds adding them to the wds automatically.  Is there a 
user space way to know when new aps come up and want to join the essid? 
  Does this rely on beacons?  Does enh_sec=3 have an effect on this? 
Has anyone used more than mac+ssid to validate new aps for addition to 
the wds?  Any comments are very welcome on the topic of dynamic ap 
addition to an essid (and secure-as-possible validation).

2) Does anyone know of a high power PCMCIA card with two TRANSCEIVER 
external connectors?  ZCOMAX, engenius and demarc all have high power 
cards with dual external connectors.  Problem is, only one can transmit 
(and therefore they only provide receiver diversity).  Has any vendor 
tried this and if so, what tx/rx algorithms were used and how did this 
affect performance?

Thanks in advance and much props to an amazing/enabling piece of code!


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