Jirka Bohac jbohac at
Wed May 14 05:19:42 EDT 2003

hi all,

tackling reset hang problems, one of our community found this in
prism2_pci_cor_sreset(local_info_t *local):

/* FIX: can jiffies be used this way from every place cor_sreset could
 * be
 * called? (mainly, spin_lock_irq? hw interrupt handler?) */

static void prism2_pci_cor_sreset(local_info_t *local)
        struct net_device *dev = local->dev;

        /* linux-wlan-ng uses extremely long hold and settle times for
         * COR sreset. A comment in the driver code mentions that the
         * long
         * delays appear to be necessary. However, at least IBM 22P6901
         * seems
         * to work fine with shorter delays.
         * Longer delays can be configured by uncommenting following
         * line: */

Are the long delays really unnecessary for all cards?  On what
assumptions has this conclusion been made? Has anyone experimented with
this? Any problems solved with PRISM2_PCI_USE_LONG_DELAYS uncommented?

Couldn't this be part of the problem? (apart from the obvious race
conditions pointed out by Denis Vlasenko -- good work!)

CZFree.Net, Czechia

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