hanging of D-Link with hostap

Denis Vlasenko vda at port.imtp.ilyichevsk.odessa.ua
Wed May 14 01:24:53 EDT 2003

On 13 May 2003 15:41, Lukic wrote:
> Hi!
> Can anybody try this?

I can but you have to wait till I get home.

> One machine (say A), have eth0
> second machine (say B) have br0, where belongs eth0  (connected to A)
> and hostap in ap mode wlan0 (i think it will do the same, if there is
> no bridgeing, just pure ip routing, the problem is - IMHO - recieved
> packet when card reset occurs).
> third machine (say C) is client (i have IBM laptop with Win98 and
> orinoco PCMCIA - it do not depend on it).
> Machine C starts data transfer with A, for exaple i used flood ping
> from A to C (ping -f -s 500 IPofMachineC)
> then on machine B i simulate signal lost - when often reset of card
> occurs caused by TX timeout - i just run: iwpriv wlan0 reset 1
> And - thats the problem, on some reset (for sure is less then 30 in
> count) , machine B hangs..
> I think when card is reseting and some packet is recieved..
> last CVS version did'n solved the problem... :-((
> I have used D-Link DWL 520 card in machine B, and RH linux with
> kernel 2.4.7-10 (standard installation)...
> I have also tried various firmwares (1.3.6,1.4.9,1.5.6) with the same
> result, and also debian linux with 2.4.20 kernel, with of course same
> results..
> I'm near sure, that it's problem of hostap, because i have seen that
> many people writes about unidentified hangs of machines where hostap
> is used..

I have infrequent but solid hangs too. Machine is totally frozen,
with nothing in the logs or on the screen. Even NMI watchdog
does not trigger. :(

> So, can anybody try this to ensure me, that is not HW
> problem of D-Link 520, or kernel problem (in which i don't believe,
> because all other things is running properly and system hangs just
> right after reset of card is started).

Well, dunno if I can arrange for flood ping, my machine B is not
really mine and local user is pretty dumb (for one, he runs W2K...).
Guess a continuous samba traffic will be a satisfactory substitute.

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