Get Hostap working with Dell Wireless card

Josh Crawley j_w_crawley at
Mon May 12 04:26:08 EDT 2003

I've got a "Dell TrueMobile 1150 PC card" in a
pci=>pcmcia bridge. The card works with the standard
orinoco_cs driver (bound to eth1).

When I went to try to get hostap working with this
card, it just plain wouldn't. I tried the standard way
of rmmod'ing orinoco drivers and modprobing hostap.
Then I tried to "corectly" use cardmgr to load the
driver in. Still, no go.

The card, as default works, but I was wanting AP and
monitor functionality. Any ideas on how to make this
work ? 

Master plan: It's a Linux gateway between and which
eth1 is wireless. I was wanting my box to be an AP
with wep and ipsec (Yes, I'm a glutton for

Thanks for the help.
Josh Crawley

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