HostAP Stability (fixed??)

Mike Saywell ms at
Sun May 11 13:24:43 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I may have had a mini break-through in figuring out why hostap was
unstable under high network load...

Bascially I was recompiling the kernel on one of my APs and noticed I
had SMP enabled, so I disabled it (it's a single processor machine),
and since doing this hostap hasn't locked up once!

I've repeated this on another box which also had an SMP enabled kernel
and used to hang under load.

I'm a bit confused about the problems reported with soekris boards though,
I wouldn't have thought people would be running an SMP kernel on them...

Well if there's anybody out there who's having problems and running an
SMP kernel it might be worth trying this. :)


Mike Saywell

Southampton Open Wireless Network

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