hostap and dhcp

Heberto del Rio heberto at
Fri May 9 10:15:57 EDT 2003

Hi, I hope you can help me. 

This is the setup, I have a linux box SuSE 8.2 (kernel 2.4.20) with 
(presumably) the latest pcmcia-cs (kernel) system and wireless-tools. In my 
linux box a have to network cards: one of them I use it to conect to the 
internet and the other one is a DWL-650 wireless card ( in the past I have 
the same hardware with a SuSE 8.0 and some extra packages to make this card 
work in AP mode, unfortunately I don't remeber what did I do to make this 
work). The standard drivers that are part of the pcmcia-cs system do not 
allow me to configure the DWL-650 as an AP. So I got the latest release of 
hostap_cs. After installing it, the card is in AP mode (by default), but some 
things are not working properly. 

After turning on one of my laptops (linux box again), which is in Managed mode 
with the same ESSID that the server, it takes a long time to request for an 
IP (at least in the server, it does not appear a request for a long time. In 
the past it was immediate). Maybe I can adjust some parameters in the AP card 
to tell it to look more frequently for requests. Is that right? How can I do 
it? What parameters?

After more than two minutes it assigns a dynamic IP to the client. I have 
configured the dhcpd server in such way that it send the domain-name, 
domain-name-servers, broadcast-address to the client but I am not receiving 
any of this information. This is strange because it is assigning a dynamic IP 
but not the rest of the information. As you may know in the client side (if 
configured) the /etc/resolv.conf has to be modified when it gets connected to 
the AP, but this never happen.

If instead of using the DWL-650 I use the other card and create a wired 
network the client receives all the information (I do not change the 
configuration of the dhcpd server at all). Obviously the /etc/resolv.conf it 
is modified. I did this to check that the dhcpd was workin properly.

What is wrong? Does the hostap changes the structure of the packets, and this 
may be the reson why the client is not recognizing the information? What can 
I do?

I have hostap release 0.0.2

I really need to make this work

Thanks in advance

Heberto del Rio

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