TX Rate Control

박흥열 imp at airlinktek.com
Fri May 9 06:02:07 EDT 2003

Dear Jouni..

Eventhough with lastest CVS Tree "Tx Rate Control" does not work correctly..

When I change the Tx rate using "iwconfig wlan0 rate 1M or 2M or 5.5M or 11M or auto" or 
iwpriv wlan0 prism2_param oper_rates (bit filed value , 1, 2, 4, 8 or 15) 

Client 's current tx power does not changed. It always display 11Mbps ... 

Of course, I have tested with other AP. When I changed It's supported rate.. then the Client show correct information..

As a result, the Client Card believable.. 

Could you Please, check it again ? 


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