Raw Sockets

Dave Hinkle hinkle at DerbyWorks.com
Thu May 8 13:07:43 EDT 2003

Hello everybody, I'm a developer for derbyworks, we develop wireless
routers.   We have about 150 routers in the field using hostap driver
version 0.0.2.  Most of which are clients, but some of which are ap's.
Our biggest problem is we can't send packets using raw sockets.   I don't
get an error or anything, but no other machines on the subnet see the
packet.  I've tested the code with many ethernet cards and with aironet
cards with success.  We use these special non-tcp packets to solve problems
we otherwise cannot, such as scanning for all online routers, configuring
new routers, and triggering reboots by mac address when ssh isn't working
for whatever reason.
My first question is, does anybody know off hand why this doesn't work?  Do
I need to encapsulate my Ethernet packet inside some sort of 802.11 packet
for this driver?  If nobody knows off hand why it doesn't work I'll write up
a simplified piece of example code that fails on hostap cards.
            Thankyou much
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