Prism2 WDS

Peteris Krumins peteris at
Mon May 5 14:48:02 EDT 2003


  I am aving hard time getting prism2 bridge to work.
  I am using hostap v0.0.1 drivers.
  I have set up test enviroment - two accesspoints and WDS.
  They are as near as a foot distance from each other.

  I have read most of the messages in both HostAP mailing lists and 
OpenAP, but still i am not able to get things working.

  Here is the problem:
  As both APs can see each other, after adding wds_add <dest hwaddr> 
they communicate without the help of the WDS.

  I tried changing the arp entries in each of AP and point hwaddr to 
WDS's address but the WDS wont forward the frame further.

  Here is how i have configured the APs and WDS.
  Both APs have almost identical configuration:
   Both have SSID 'test', on AP1 i have added AP2's hwaddr to wds list 
and on AP2 i have added AP1's hwaddr to wds list.
   Both APs are running in Master Mode (access point mode), as soon s i 
add hwaddrs to wds and set up wlan0wds0 and wlan0wds1 i can ping each 
  But unfortunately the communication goes directly not via WDS.

  WDS is configured as following:
   WDS has the same SSID as both APs.
   WDS is set in Repeater mode.
   I have added AP1's and AP2's hwaddrs to wds list.
   br0 is set up and wlan0, wlan0wds0, wlan0wds1 are added to it.
   (wlan0, wlan0wds{1,2} are set to and br0 to some address in 
the same subnet).
   autom_ap_wds option is set to 0 as APs are added manualy,
   other_ap_policy is set to 1 (i also tried 2) - accept only local SSIDS

So the things i want to know are:
  1) If 2 APs see each other, how to pass frames via WDS?
     (I tried building a wall between APs and emulate that AP1 sees only 
AP2 and vica versa, rather successful, but nothing was passed via WDS 
  2) Which wds_type to use if i am sure firmware is broken (wds ack bug)

(all cards identified by `cardctl ident` are:
  "INTERSIL", "HFA384x/IEEE", "Version 01.02");

Please, if replying, reply to email, too, because i am not subscribed to 
the newsgroups

Best Regards,


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