Hostap 0.0.2 ?

Eduardo Kaftanski eduardo at
Sun May 4 20:09:20 EDT 2003

> Could you use serial console to get kernel messages from the AP? It is
> quite difficult to figure this out without either being able to
> reproduce it myself or getting more information. What kind of usage
> patterns do you have with that AP? One station or more? Traffic from
> wired to wireless, wireless to wired, wireless to wireless (i.e.,
> between two STAs)? Do you use WEP?

Mine is a server, router and a wireless bridge for a friend next door.
His hardware is a Linksys WAP-11. We are using WDS to get to his mac behind 
the Linksys box.

Hangups with 0.0.1 are: timeout, card reset, card reset (2 exactly), frozen

With 0.0.2 are: timeout, card reset, card reset, lost conection, lost of
resets, connection never comes back until I reboot.

I have not tried a ifconfig wlan0 down or other reset. Its working know
as he was offline for almost 2 hours, but can bring the box down tomorrow
to test some more if you want me to.

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