Prism2/2.5/3 Host AP - new release v0.0.2 - 2003-05-03

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Sat May 3 23:57:48 EDT 2003

A new version of Prism2 Host AP driver was just released and it is now
available from

2003-05-03 - v0.0.2

* fixed iwconfig 'rate' command to change supported rates element
  in beacon frames
* added support for setting basic rate set with new prism2_param
  'basic_rates' and operational rates with 'oper_rates'
* added support for new AVS (linux-wlan-ng) monitoring header
  (patch from Gerald Britton)
* fixed TX rate controlling for Repeater/WDS mode
* fixed power saving mode updating on PS Poll frames
* optimized AP management frame handling by removing not anymore needed
  RX packet queue since AP code is not called in hw IRQ context anymore
* added support for wireless extensions v16 iwspy operations (based on
  patch from Jean Tourrilhes)
* improved hostapd event logging (stdout and/or syslog)
* fixed Linux 2.2.x compatibility code for monitor mode with Prism2
  headers (monitor_type 1)
* fixed CRC-16 (signature stamp) generation in prism2_srec (this is
  needed for writing flash upgrade)
* added support for non-volatile download, i.e., flash upgrade
  (based on patch from Pavel Roskin)
  Note! This has _not_ yet been tested thorougly and the current
  version of code should not be used unless you are prepared to
  facing corrupted flash and killed cards.. The code is commented out
  in default build and can be enabled by defining
* fixed IEEE 802.11 defragmentation when using host-based WEP
  decryption (this caused a kernel crash in netif_rx())
* fixed host-based WEP decryption not to leave 8 extra octets in the
  end of the frame
* added support for IEEE 802.11 Shared Key Authentication when using
  hostapd (new hostapd.conf field 'auth_algs' for configuring supported
* fixed race condition in get/set RID operations that seemed to have
  caused BAP timeouts and RID read failures (e.g., 'RID len mismatch'
  on get_rid and problems with host_roaming)
* fixed automatic WDS addition to schedule a process context task for
  registering the new device to avoid crashing kernel
* added automatic WDS link addition on reception of 4-addr WDS frame
  from unknown transmitter (if autom_ap_wds is set)
* fixed handling of non-WDS frames from a STA in 'AP client' mode
  (do not assume that they are bogus WDS frames if STA has associated)
* added support for Session-Timeout Attribute in RADIUS messages
  (both IEEE 802.11 ACL and IEEE 802.1X)

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