Hostap 0.0.2 ?

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Sat May 3 20:15:33 EDT 2003

On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 01:57:13AM -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> hostap.conf is not installed on systems with 2.5.x kernels.  The solution 
> is to create a separate target install_conf and share it between 
> install_2.5 and install_pccard.
> While at that, I have also fixed all cases of calling "make" in makefiles,
> replacing them with $(MAKE).  The reasons are explained in the GNU make
> manual ("info make").

Thanks, applied.

> PRISM2_NON_VOLATILE_DOWNLOAD should be made more visible.  Either it 
> should be enabled when PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT is enabled, or should 
> appear in driver/modules/hostap_config.h.

I want to require a separate enabling for this at least in this version.
The definition is now included in hostap_config.h.

> Either we should bump the number for PRISM2_IOCTL_DOWNLOAD, or there 
> should be a warning next to the PRISM2_NON_VOLATILE_DOWNLOAD option.  The 
> attached patch implements the later approach.

Or both.. Although, I changed PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_NON_VOLATILE (dl_cmd)
instead of PRISM2_IOCTL_DOWNLOAD. Host AP driver is already using a
large number of ioctls, so better try to avoid increasing it anymore..
Change dl_cmd has the same effect; i.e., old prism2_srec will not be
able to start non-volatile download. In addition, volatile download with
old prism2_srec should still work.

> Changing mode from Ad-Hoc to Master doesn't enable beacons on 1.5.6 
> firmware.  The card pretends to be in the Master mode, but it's not 
> sending any beacons.  Calling local->func->reset_port(dev) twice instead 
> of once in prism2_ioctl_siwmode() fixes the problem, but I'm not sure it's 
> the right approach.

I have seen similar issue with one card (old D-Link DWL-650), but in the
initialization. Current workaround for this is to call reset_port()
twice. I'll do some testing with STA f/w 1.5.6 and I'll add another
reset_port() if nothing else works. It would be nice to be able to
somehow detect whether the beacons are really sent or not..

> Useless information like "Link Quality" is displayed by iwconfig in the
> Master mode.  Maybe it's better not to confuse users by "Link Quality"  
> being zero.  But it may be hard to disable printing quality without
> suppressing the rest of the data returned by hostap_get_wireless_stats().

Yes, this might require changing iwconfig..

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