hostap_plx with SMC2632W

I C Pitcher I.C.Pitcher at
Mon Mar 31 11:46:56 EST 2003

Trying to get hostap to run with an SMC2632W card in its plx adaptor -
the primary firmware of the card is 0.30 and the secondary is 1.49.

I've been through Jasonb's article and compiled the system as instructed
but just get a 'hostap_plx: first command failed' problem amongst many

The card seems to be recognized as an 'Intersil Prism II ref' according
to its manfid.

I'm running SUSE 8.1 with a freshly built 2.4.20 kernel and
hostap_2002-10-12. I patched the kernel to wireless extension V16 before
building and have also installed wireless tools v25 (although on
compilation of tools 25 it told me that I hadn't got wireless extensions

I've attached the dmesg.out file as well as my .config kernel build

I've tried the system with and without ACPI - no difference...

Where am I going wrong ?



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