Update on: Some more WDS queries + DHCP

Vic Berdin sndbeat at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 06:11:15 EST 2003


Please disregard my previous post/query. It seems that
the problem is with my Win98PC. I'm using another 
Win98 client machine, and everything seem to work out

I am also experimenting on broadcasting DHCP service
on my Master machine. My WDS repeater (WDS2) seem to
relay the DHCP service to its clients just fine.
Here's my latest setup:


Where both Win98 and Linux PCs were able to grab DHCP
service broadcasted over WDS1 via WDS2. And both
machines were able to access the ISP by means of
normal layers (ap_bridge_packets=0). Anyway, I have a
new concern, and I'd be glad if anyone can comment on
how I execute the task. Perhaps there's a more sane
way on how to do DHCP on WDS.

On the course of my tests, I assume that DHCP request
can only be possible in WDS2 only after being able to
establish a WDS connection from WDS1, which means, a
static IP of similar net must be used, then
afterwards, a DHCP request may be called upon. I
tested it, and it works. However, I did not bother
implementing such since I can always set my DHCP range
to *NOT* include the static IPs I plan to use on my
WDS repeaters. Having done such, my repeaters will
always have static IPs, and my clients, acquired via
DHCP. Am I doing this right? Any comments on this?

Oh.. and also, my Linksys WPC11 does support hostap.
But I did gather some info over the net that Linksys
has already abandoned prism/intersil chips. So I guess
later Linksys cards no longer supports hostap

TIA - Vic

--- Chen <research_u2218549 at yahoo.com.sg> wrote:
> hi,
> can i know if the card that you are using Linksys
> WPC11 supports hostap?
> does it pass any received probe request to the
> hostap module?
>  Vic Berdin <sndbeat at yahoo.com> wrote:Hello Jouni,
> First of all, thanks to all your efforts on this
> project and for trying to respond to all queries on
> this list.
> I've been playing with hostAP WDS since the day I've
> posted my haphazzard queries, and I learned that
> most
> of my questions are already covered in README.prism2
> -
> sorry about that.
> Anyways, I do have some more queries pertaining WDS
> behavior. Here's my setup:
> Win98PC---air---WDS2---air---WDS1---wired---ISP
> Win98PC (Orinoco Silver/Win98)
> WDS2 (Linksys WPC11/Linux 2.2.20)
> WDS1 (ZCOM-XI300/Linux 2.2.20)
> For both WDS machines:
> beacon_int=1000
> ap_bridge_packets=0
> autom_ap_wds=1
> other_ap_policy=1
> wds_type=2
> I've already came up with additional wds.opts and
> wds
> script to automate my needs, and everything is
> *ALMOST* running as expected.
> What caught my attention on your response is that,
> you
> said that associations are expected to expire after
> 5
> minutes of no activity (0 frames) from the stations.
> See, I mentioned that my setup is *ALMOST* working,
> because my connection from Win98PC seem to die down
> if
> no activity has been performed for quite some time
> (about 5mins or so). And the interesting part is
> that,
> connectivity can be re-established if I engage an
> activity (like pinging) from WDS2 to WDS1 (or WDS2
> to
> Win98PC). Having to continously 'ping' from WDS2
> somehow keeps Win98PC connection available at all
> times.
> What I'd like to see, is to get a link from WDS2
> clients to WDS1 onwards, 'UP' at all times.
> Is there something I could check/tweak? Possible
> important WDS setting I'm missing out?
> TIA - And still experimenting... Vic

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