Linksys WMP11 Firmware

geeojr at geeojr at
Wed Mar 26 05:12:35 EST 2003

Been a lot of discussion about firmware lately. Curious, has anyone found
and successfully installed (volatile) 1.5.6 firmware on Linksys WMP11 --
I've spent some time in the archives and tried a number of firmware
sources, none of them proved successful. 

Also, in regards to WDS. When running firmware below 1.5.x and using WDS,
hostAP does workaround in order to provide WDS between hostAP stations;
does this hamper network performance more than WDS using 1.5.6 would?? I
realize that WDS has a performance hit, just curious if there's additional
penalty using firmware 1.4.9 w/ workaround??

Jeremy R. Geeo

  Krombie Networks --

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