Martin Polak mpolak at
Wed Mar 26 02:50:22 EST 2003

Javier Simó wrote:
>>I am using the ram-downloadable version of STA 1.5.6 (extracted from the
>>Windows 2-0-9 driver-package) for my netgear with prism2_srec
>>and it works ok
> Hi,
> How did you extract ram-downloadable fw from the Windows package ?? I need to do so, my card doesn't accept fw available in (are there other sources ??) but it loads 1.1.1/1.5.9 in ram when working with the Windows-2.0.9 driver package. I'd love to extract the fw in order to load
> it when running linux.
> Thanks in advance
> Javier Simó
> BorgouNET

Please search the list-archives, there have been detailed instructions 
on this, using split_combined_hex programm tho strip the image files 
from windows driver.


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