running prism2_srec at boot time

Mike Bohan bogin at
Tue Mar 25 23:16:14 EST 2003

Hey there,

	I finally found a working firmware image, which loads correctly using
prism2_srec -r after the machine is booted. However, I'm trying to find
a way on my Debian system to load it at boot time, which currently fails
for some reason. I put the equal command line in /etc/pcmcia/wireless,
right at the beginning of the "start" section. This yields a memory
failure when loading the .hex file. I would suspect that the driver has
not fully initialized at this point or something, but I have "iwconfig"
lines right below it which work flawlessly (which proves the device is
active). I also tried putting sleep statements before and after the
prism2_srec call, which didn't help. The only solution I can think of is
putting a shell script in crontab to start it (which I have not tested,
but assume to work), but I'm hoping there's a more eloquent method.

Here is an output of the "failure" (ie when the command is called from

 srec summary for r1010506.hex
Included file name: r1010506.hex
Component: 0x001f 1.5.6 (station firmware)
Supported platforms:
  0x8002 1.0.0,  0x8002 1.0.1,  0x8003 1.0.0,  0x8003 1.0.1,  0x8004
  0x8008 1.0.0
Separate S3 data areas:
  addr 0x001F1800..0x001FDFED (len 51182)
  addr 0x001FF000..0x001FFCC7 (len 3272)
Total data length: 54454 bytes
Start address 0x000f8c01

Wireless LAN card information:
  NICID: 0x8008 v1.0.0
  PRIID: 0x0015 v0.3.0
  STAID: 0x001f v1.5.6

Verifying update compatibility and combining data:
PDR 0x0405 not found from wlan card PDA. Using default data.
  len=4: 00 00 00 30
PDR 0x0406 not found from wlan card PDA. Using default data.
  len=2: 64 00
PDR 0x0303 not found from wlan card PDA. Using default data.
  len=2: ff 1f

Downloading to volatile memory (RAM).

Download failed!

One fact worth noting is that in this failure log, the "Components"
indicate that the old firmware is already v1.5.6, which is an error. The
old version is 'really' 1.3.6, and the upgrade version is 1.5.6. When I
execute the command after boot time, the correct numbers are displayed
(and it works). Thanks in advance for any feedback! 

Mike Bohan <bogin at>
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