Martin Polak martin.polak at
Tue Mar 25 12:37:13 EST 2003

Mike Bohan wrote:
> Hey there,
> 	I have a Netgear MA401. Similarly, I'm trying to get the 1.4.9 firmware
> installed so I can use fw based WEP encryption. I tried writing that
> image with "WinFlash/Winupdate" (I forget which is the precise name),
> but it complains that the image was not meant for my type (NIC ID) ID
> "8008" card. Am I just out of luck? Netgear only has 1.3.6 on their site
> as the latest firmware. Is there perhaps another image somewhere that's
> designed for this ID? Thanks in advance!

I am using the ram-downloadable version of STA 1.5.6 (extracted from the 
Windows 2-0-9 driver-package) for my netgear with prism2_srec
and it works ok


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