Ap's communication between WDS

carmat at jumpy.it carmat at jumpy.it
Tue Mar 25 12:24:47 EST 2003

I'm studing HostAp source code and i'm interested on how APs communicate
each other via WDS.
When a sta associates with an AP, shouldn't be all others APs in the WDS
(other APs linked in the WDS list) informed of this association, so they
can add sta struct in their structures?? Is it true?? If yes, where can
i see this in the source code??
If it's false -only local/current AP adds in its structs (hash table and
sta_list) the sta struct- how can other APs know that sta X has associated
with AP Y (-->it's reacheable via AP Y)?? There is some part in the source
code where i can view this??
Matteo Carlini

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