Firmware and Bridging Questions.

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Tue Mar 25 05:53:58 EST 2003

Hi all I have a few questions about Prism 2/2.5/3 Frimware and Bridging.

1. As I understand it, to bridge using a prism based card you need to use
WDS mode unless you have firmware >=1.5.x with this firmware you should be
able to bridge using all modes, is my understanding correct?

A. Bridging should work regardless of WDS. WDS is just used to establish
links between Master mode HostAP stations. -- more below

2. I pulled a WET11 apart the other day to do a firmware upgrade on it, and
it had firmware version 1.3.4 on it, this device is an ethernet bridge, how
come it can do standards based bridging with <1.5.x firmware?

A. 1.5.6 is required if you want to do standards based WDS. Previous
firmware will be able to do WDS; but, it will probably only work with other
HostAP stations. -- more below

3. I have upgraded some of my WET11's to try and resolve some stability
issues, I have upgraded these to v1.4.9. I looked on the intersil site and
couldn't find anything but is there some king of a changelog for prism
firmwares where one can see if there's any decent reason to move to 1.5.6?

A. 1.4.9 is a very good/stable firmware revision to run. It's the revision
of choice for myself. The primary advantage of running 1.5.6 is just to
enable correct standards based WDS (if you have other WDS capable
equipment). If this isn't the case (i.e. you're just using HostAP), then
I'd personally recommend you stick with the 1.4.9 -- somebody correct me if
I'm off here.

hope this helps,

Jeremy R. Geeo

  Krombie Networks --

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