XP SP1 Questions

James Harper james.harper at bigpond.com
Sat Mar 22 04:26:40 EST 2003

Can't offer any help, but my laptop (xpsp1) with a compaq wl100 works
fine with my linux server running hostap with a dwl520 dlink wireless


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> All,
> I've been using Win2k and XP Pro machines fine with Hostap.  
> I've noticed that my XP machines after applying SP1 and my 
> Windows Server 2003 beta machine both like to use some new 
> Windows Wireless setup.  The problem is I can't seem to get 
> this thing to connect to my Hostap network to save my life.
> With WEP, it won't take my full 128-bit WEP key.  If I 
> disable WEP on the Hostap side and on the XP side, it still 
> won't connect.  If I use the prism control panel applet to 
> config the card and skip the windows setup, it works like a champ.
> My only problem is the prism control panel applet doesn't do 
> anything on Windows Server 2003, so I can't use this 
> workaround on there.
> How do I go about using the built-in Windows wireless crap?  
> Do I have to use 802.1x?  I tried using hostapd in standalone 
> (without RADIUS) mode and it didn't seem to help at all.  Do 
> I have to have a RADIUS server to get this damn Windows 
> Server 2003 machine connected or what?
> I'd really appreciate any help before I rip my hair out :)
> Thanks!
> -Dustin
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