Repeater mode/WDS

Dave dave at
Fri Mar 21 20:23:01 EST 2003


After a grueling week of trying to get Repeater mode functioning...I have
had partial success. The box I was working with is a Soekris 4521 with a
Engenius Mini-PCI 2511 (Prism 2.5) as the Repeater radio and two Engenius
PCMCIA 2511's (Prism 2.5) as distribution radios and doing layer 2 bridging
between them all.

The last issue remaining that I cannot figure out is the speed of the
WDS/Repeater link.

As I understand it, Repeater mode is simply a mode where WDS is used and no
beacons or management frames are sent. This is great but it seems that the
WDS speed is stuck at 2Mbps. I understood from a previous email message that
iwconfig will not produce usable information for interfaces running in
Repeater mode so I have verified the speed of the WDS link to be
approximately 2Mbps (less overhead) by doing file transfers directly between
both sides of the link.

Why is it that Repeater mode operates at only 2Mbps and will not change to
any speed (fixed or auto) that I set it for?

I absolutely do not want to share a master mode radio with the wds link else
I will be cutting my bandwidth in half. Having a dedicated WDS link is

Is there any work around to this using iwpriv or something?

I am using Linux 2.4.20, Hostap CVS and Engenius radios all flashed to 1.5.6
on bootup.

Thanks for any insight or assistance anyone can provide!


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