802.1X and Radius server vs Nocat Project

Fernando Cabrera fernan_cs at yahoo.es
Thu Mar 20 16:16:28 EST 2003


I have a wireless card in my Red Hat box running as master mode with the 
hostap. I want to authenticate the users who connects to my computer. I 
have heard about 802.1X and Radius server in this mailing list, but i have 
found other utility to do that. This is the Nocat project http://nocat.net/ 
. You can see a brief guide in this link 

I have looked the nocat page and i guess it´s very similar to 802.1x, even 
you can give different kinds of access to your netwok, depending of the 
privilege of the user. I want to know if you can do that with 802.1x and 
Radius and if there are any other different between them.

Which one do you recommend me??


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