Hostapd can't open wlan0 interface

John Hampton pacopablo at
Tue Mar 18 23:52:01 EST 2003

Hello all,

I compiled the hostap_plx driver (2002-10-12) with
went great.  I did a make install_plx and them modprobed the hostap_plx
module and it loaded with no complaint.  I then compiled hostapd and the
compile went fine, but when i try to run hostapd (hostapd wlan0) it says:
ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX): No such device
ioctl[SIOCGIFFLAGS]: No such device

I'm kind of baffled.  iwconfig reports that wlan0 exists, I can assign
wlan0 an IP via ifconfig, and I can load the updated firmware into RAM
with no complaints.  Can anyone shed some light into my problem?  I'm
using a Linksys WDT11 coupled with a WPC11.  Thanks.


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