HostAP + WEP rekeying + hostapd.conf

Jose Araujo jlaraujo at
Tue Mar 18 08:35:28 EST 2003

Oleg Izhvanov wrote:

> Israel Cardenas Romero wrote:
>> i'm using HostAP and 802.1x executing this command:
>> hostapd -x -o192.168.49.222 -a192.168.49.222 -ssecret_pass -SSecureAP 
>> -b5 -i
>> 5 wlan0 &
>> It's running OK using FreeRADIUS in the same machine, with EAP-TLS
>> authentication
>> I've two questions:
>> 1. I've read about a 'hostapd.conf' file, but I don't know this file'
>> structure. Where can I find it ? I want to configure rekeying time and I
>> don't know how to do it in the command line...
> The contents of this file is self-descriptory.

It is found on the hostapd  directory on the hostap source directory.

>> 2. Is there any method to use EAP-TLS without client certification, 
>> using
>> something like 'login/password' ?
> No. EAP-TLS is the protocol based on certificates. If you want to use
> 'login/password' authentintication consider using EAP-LEAP. It is
> is supported in the current CVS version of FreeRADIUS server.
Wow, some time ago i was looking for LEAP support on open-source tools, 
and there was none.
But the real question is, are there any client-side tools?

LEAP is i believe a CISCO protocol, and their card do the authentication 
via firmware, is there any supplicant that supports LEAP ?

Jose Araujo

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