Cannot create a PtP with hostap

Dave dave at
Fri Mar 14 16:19:24 EST 2003

Does anyone have any ideas on what it takes to create a simple Point to
Point link between 2 hostap boxes? Either my brain is fried and I am missing
something really obvious...or I don't know....I am yanking the last of my
hair out now..

I have digressed to just trying to create a simple PtP link between two
hostap boxes and worry about the bridging and all when/if I can even get a
PtP up.

What is the best mode to operate in for creating a PtP link with no
management frames and no extra overhead stuff so as to simply bridge between
two wired lans via a wireless PtP link?

I don't want ANY STA's associating with either box...I simply need to move
traffic from eth0 on box 1 to eth0 on box 2 through a PtP wireless link on
wlan0 on each box.

Master mode combined with WDS would not be ideal even with MAC policies...I
don't need or want the extra overhead of management stuff if I can avoid it.
I need this PtP to be as fast as possible.

I ordered 6 more radios overnight which I received this morning and tried
them luck.

The current testing configuration is:

Linux 2.4.20
HostAP CVS as of last night
Wireless Tools 26-pre7
Prism 2.5 Mini-PCI cards with FW 1.4.9

trying to bridge from the wired network attached to eth0 on AP1 to the wired
network attached to eth0 on AP2

eth0 - AP1 - wlan0 ~~~ wlan0 AP2 eth0

I also have a slew of PCMCIA Prism 2.5 and Prism 2.0 cards that I have tried
using also with FW ranging from 0.8.3 to 1.5.6

I just do not know what I am it obvious?

Thanks for ANY help provided!


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