RES: Maximizing 802.11b throuput

André Luiz Ribeiro Moutinho andre.moutinho at
Thu Mar 13 09:35:50 EST 2003

You mean that the block size in order to maximize the
radio throuput is equal to MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit). That
is 1500 bytes ?? Does MTU is equal for both
Wavelan and cabe ethernet lans?? And gigabit ?? Can I change
or configure this value ??

Thanks a lot,

Andre Moutinho

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The theoretical maximum possible throughput is about 6 Mbps. This is
possible if
	- there is no other traffic.
	- the packet payload should be of size MTU - headers (IP + UDP/TCP
						+ application layer)
	- The application goes at a rate that keeps queues
	at the interface as well as the firmware levels just full, but
	does not overflow them.

hope this helps.

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