HostAP and authentication

Vince Sevedge vince.sevedge at
Wed Mar 12 16:23:54 EST 2003

Hello all.

I'm looking into a software AP solution and was wondering how the Radius authentication, or any authentication works with hostap.
Right now we have a Linux router and an Orinoco AP1000.  I'm not using the AP's MAC authentication feature because it doesn't perform reliably.  Having linux installed on my router makes it easy for me to limit IP usage on our wireless subnet and I can even deny/allow by mac address, but that only prevents people from having Internet access.  I'm looking for a way to bridge a user if they authenticate (username/password preferred) or keep them off the network entirely if they don't.  Basically, I don't want people to cause valid users grief by producing ip conflicts.  Can hostap do anything like this?


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