Sending raw frames (PF_PACKET) to a host-ap device?

Ben Greear greearb at
Thu Mar 13 00:49:32 EST 2003

Pedro Estrela wrote:
> the best way to do this and a lot more, is to use the libpcap packet
> capture/generation library that tcpdump uses.
> using this library, you can most definitly:
> - put a interface into promiscuous mode;
> - receive all packets, with all headers up to level 2, including (later
> versions of etheral pcap) prism2 headers;
> - send any possible packets, including layer 2 headers. (for exemple, custum
> ARP packets)
> it's more complicated than a PF_packet socket, which also works, but its
> MUCH more flexible.

Actually, I will be sending these packets from a kernel module, for
the most part.  However, if libpcap can send it, then it will be fine.

My main concern was whether or not I could send a pkt with a src address
other than that of the wlan device, and whether or not I could put it in
promisc mode.

Thanks for the response!


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> Subject: Sending raw frames (PF_PACKET) to a host-ap device?
>>Is it possible to build packets (including any source MAC addr I wish)
>>and send them with a PF_SOCKET socket?  Anything special I need to do
>>to make this work (if it can be done?)
>>And if that works, I am assuming I can put the wlan device in
>>promiscious mode so that I can receive an answer to whatever MAC
>>I just created?
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