non-volatile firmware update problems

BartOwl bartowl at
Mon Mar 10 14:47:21 EST 2003

Dnia nie, mar 09 2003 o godz. 06:41, Jouni Malinen napisal(a):
> Not with current Host AP driver. Non-volatile download is not included
> in the CVS version. I have written code for it, but it is known to be
> faulty (as in killing cards) and I will not be including code for
> non-volatile download before it is fully tested and known to work. I'm
> using Windows tools for updating firmware if I need to do non-volatile
> upgrade..

but the problem is, that my pcmcia-pci adapter doesn't work with
windows, but i'll try it on my friends laptop... so thanx for not
including that buggy version ;>

i have another question - what is the minimum link level raported by
iwspy, to make the wlan conenction workin and TO BE STABLE ?
i'm asking, because i have 2 computers in a radius of ~50-70m from AP, with
obstacles in the way, and iwspy reports link level from 20/92 upto
60/92, and very often the link just crashes, STA's issue another auth
req, then reassoc req, and it looks that's ok, but not for long...
the transfer speeds achieved are also non too big - on a 11Mbit link it's
1Mbit MAX! and also very often (especially when there's something big
transferred trough the air) TXEXC's occur... i have really no any more
clues what could it be... maybe it's the firmware, maybe the
obstacles... but the biggest problem is, that my clients cannot use the
net as they would like... and this is becoming my problem... and i don't
like it to be that way... so anyone please help me - i'm thinking of
getting hardware AP, but would it be the solve?

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