firmware 1.5.x or 1.6.x

Mike Saywell ms at
Fri Mar 7 09:45:56 EST 2003

On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 04:16:34AM -0000, Craig Foster wrote:
> If you do a 'hostap_diag wlan0' what does the NICID line say?
NICID: id=0x8008 v1.0.0 (HWB3163, Prism II reference with SSF Flash)

> What firmware is currently on the card?

0.3.0 / 1.3.4

I've got a couple of other firmware sources to try now, just no windows pc to hand :(

btw, to make this card work with hostap I had to add the following to hostap_cs.conf:

card "Netgear MA401"
  version "NETGEAR MA401 Wireless PC", "Card", "Version 01.00"
  manfid 0x0156, 0x0002
  bind "hostap_cs"

Would be nice to get that in there as standard :)


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