Firmware update pour Prism 2.5

Javier Simó jsimo at
Fri Mar 7 04:15:40 EST 2003


I am trying to update primary/sta firmware for my prism cards because I want them to collaborate with my Cisco 340 bridge in a WDS. My cards report NIC 0x800c, PRI v1.0.4 and STA v1.0.3 (in Linux, though my windows
driver reports 1.1.1/1.5.6, I guess that windows driver updates fw in volatile RAM)

I have downloaded WinUpdate Intersil's utility versions 0.5.1 and 0.7.0, and firmware hex files for both pri and sta fw. I have 1.1.0/1.4.9 and 1.1.1/1.5.6. I was told (thanks to Projekt Manager at for that)
that I need fw 1.5.0 or newer for compatibility with standard WDS.

When I load hex files with WinUpdate the software says that files are OK. When I start flash update it starts and then the computer hangs for about twenty seconds, nothing works, even the mouse (I am using Windows
2000). Then, I get an error message for times telling me that the system is blocked by software and it ends with winupdate's error "flash update failed when writing" or something like that. The card is nolonger
available but getting it out and in the PCMCIA slot I get it working again.

I have obtained the same result with both versions of WinUpdate and with both sets of pri/sta firmware.

Anybody can tell me if my update is possible and why it is not working ? Should it work if I use hostap utilities in Linux ?

BTW, My card has no brandname, it was sold to us as a Prism 2.5 PCMCIA card.

Thanks in advance

Javier Simó

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