About bridge

Martin Polak mpolak at gup.jku.at
Wed Mar 5 04:11:13 EST 2003

clair.hong wrote:
> Hi.
> I install hostap in kernel v2.4.20.
> I want to delete bridge function in kernel v2.4.20. Then, I will 
> download bridge util(bridge.sourceforge.net/bridge-utils) and test this 
> util (bridge-utills-0.9.6)
> To delete bridge function, I don't select 802.1d  Ethernet Bridging  in 
> networking options , then compile.
> I wonder another action that I must do.
> I wait your answer.
> Nice day ~!! 

As far as I see, you won't get lucky by doing this, because the
bridge-utils are only for controling kernel 802.1d bridging functionality.
So kernel-bridge won't do it alone and bridge-utils either.



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