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I can see 2 possibilities, but there can be more.

1. Implement a firewall (Netfilter iptables recommended) that allows
access only to your "server" where the client software is hosted, so
that people can reach it on the public Internet.  We implemented
something similar, albiet with logic involved that notes that a certain
user is not authenticated and lets auth credentials be sent to a central
server.  Something like a captive portal.  Check out,
but there are others.

2. How about using the HostAP linux box itself for hosting the client
for download.  Ex: Run apache on it and offer the client as a http(s)

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+vBXXZcX0- wrote:
> Dear all
> I wonder to know some issue about http proxy..
> assume that, one wireless user want to use internet through hostap.
> but, he does not have software for authentication... he should download some small software 
> to get authentication from RADIUS server...  and there are one web site where located the small software.
> in this case, user can only access to the specific web site to download the small software.
> and the hostap should redirect any http request to the specific web site... so, the user can only download
> the small software.. 
> after he download the software then to get authentication from the RADIUS Server then use internet freely..
> to implement above case what is the best way to make it possible ? 
> Any comment will be fine... 
> Thanks for your attention..
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