APs compatable with hostap wds?

John Croft john.croft at jcu.edu.au
Tue Mar 4 19:09:29 EST 2003

Ray wrote:
> Are there any APs out there that are known to work with hostap's
> implementation of wds?
We have a two RedHat 8.0's running HostAP CVS 20030303
(well, any since 1.5.6 came out)


	alias wlan0 hostap_pci
	post-install hostap_pci \
		prism2_srec -r wlan0 rf010506.hex \
		&& \
		prism2_param wlan0 wds_type 4

Then a Dlink DWL-900AP+ can connect in client mode by scanning for the
MAC quite easily - both at 3 metres and at 4 kms (with proper antennas).
Verified working on two different HostAP machines. Generally we only have
one pc at the client end, or a linux box routing for the users home network.

It's not using WDS, but also I've set it up that way as well, and it also
works. I just thought someone might be interested in this fact.

The funny thing is that both MAC addresses (the dlink ap and the client pc)
appear as being associated in

Come to think of it, I haven't thought to test it without the firmware loaded
or the wds_type being set. I might also try using a DWL-900 as well.
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